This compared with 52% of patients when using the MMSE

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pandora jewelry Writing in the BMJ Online, researchers say it provides more accurate results than the standard mini mental state examination, or MMSE.One criticism has been than it is too easy, and may miss some patients in the early stage of the disease when treatment with anti cholinesterase drugs which reduce the breakdown of an important chemical in the brain can be most effective.It must also be carried out by a nurse or doctor and can take time to administer.Jeremy Brown, a consultant neurologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital said the new Test Your Memory (TYM) evaluation detected 93% of patients with Alzheimer’s in a trial involving 540 healthy people and 139 patients. This compared with 52% of patients when using the MMSE.In particular, the language and memory tests are more difficult, requiring the patient to recall a longer sentence and use language in different ways. It also includes two visuospatial tasks, which are believed to be important for differentiating Alzheimer’s from other memory problems.The perennial «who is the prime minister?» question remains however.Researchers hope to be able to make the test available for GPs who want it to download shortly.»Although this is a very simple test that can be done alone, it’s not really to be done at home as there are all sorts of reasons why people may not perform well that are not related to Alzheimer’s,» said Dr Brown.»But we are really pleased to have developed something which may improve early diagnosis as there are in many cases effective action that can be taken pandora jewelry.

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